Foot Warmers

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Foot Warmers

Original price was: NZ $98.00.Current price is: NZ $64.99.

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Keep your feet cozy and warm on cold days!

The ORTOREX™ foot warmers are perfect for those who suffer from cold feet, such as diabetics, and those who live in cold climates. They will help people to be able to go about their daily activities without having the discomfort of cold feet. Moreover, our foot warmers provide relief from the pain associated with arthritis, tendonitis, muscle strains, and other medical conditions. They also help relieve stress by relaxing you from your toes to your head. What is more, they keep your body at optimal temperature and improve blood circulation.

Our electric foot warmers are efficient because they deliver penetrating warmth directly where it is needed most – around your toes! It works great as an under-table heating pad that fits perfectly underneath desks at work, school, car, and home to keep your feet and legs warm.

The benefits of using the ORTOREX™ foot warmers:

  • Effectively relieve pain associated with arthritis, tendonitis, muscle strains
  • Promote blood circulation by keeping you warm
  • Relax muscles and relieves stress from head to toe
  • Ease soreness and tired hands
  • Help your body stay healthy during periods of prolonged exposure to cold temperatures

The ORTOREX™ foot warmers are made of high-quality thermal plush and fleece and are padded with thick cotton to surround you with warmth. They feature an electric heating pad that can be easily separated to wash the plush cover. It takes a few seconds for the warmer to reach its heating mode of 45°C, and it can provide continuous warmth for as long as it is plugged in.


✔️ PROVIDE PAIN RELIEF — The ORTOREX™ foot warmers relieve the pain and symptoms of arthritis, tendonitis, and other medical conditions.

✔️ RELIEVE STRESS — They relieve stress by enhancing blood circulation, which increases oxygen flow in the body.

✔️ KEEP FEET HEALTHY — Our foot warmers help keep feet healthy by maintaining a more comfortable environment. Electric foot warmers also promote better blood circulation, which is vital for the health of your feet.

✔️ BOOST ENERGY LEVELS — Electric foot warmers help boost your mood and energy by increasing metabolism, relieving muscle pain, reducing stress hormones in the body, and promoting a relaxed state.

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  1. G****e (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    The plush flannel is soothing already. Add the warmth that this baby provides, I have relief from chronic pain. I don’t have any complaints. It has a long enough cord and has an auto-shutoff. Great buy.

  2. E***a (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    I bought this for my dad who has Parkinson’s. His legs get very cold. As for what I bought it for it is working perfectly. My dad’s really happy with this warmer. Thanks.

  3. I***n (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    As a person with foot problems and osteoarthritis, walking and standing can be a chore. Slipping my feet into the luxurious pocket for 30 minutes helps immensely. The heat is certainly therapeutic. Highly recommend

  4. A*****y (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    I do not know how I could have survived without this warmer. Lately, this product has been a true lifesaver. I have tendinitis and unfortunately, I have to spend a lot of time on my feet. So now, when I come home, I set a timer for 10 mins and I sit back and relax. After the session, I feel like I am walking on air. I love it and would recommend it.

  5. R***d (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    I am using this product for heating my always cold feet. Working from home I sit by the window all day long and no matter what socks I’m wearing I always get my feet cold eventually. With this, little space-taking device, I turn on the heat when my feet get cold and it warms up real quick. Amazing warmers!

  6. B***e (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    Easily help me to eliminate fatigue after long-day work. Promotes the blood circulation of the feet, relieves muscle tension, and the blood circulation of the feet helps to speed up the metabolism of the body, also helps to sleep. Exactly as described, I’m super happy with the purchase.

  7. R*****d (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    I have Raynaud’s disease, which makes my feet and hands very susceptible to feeling cold and numb with lower temperatures, and this heater helps me greatly! Switching between the heating levels is easy, I usually start with the highest and then go to the lowest. I don’t know how I could live without it, it’s a lifesaver. I’m extremely happy with the purchase!

  8. P*****e (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    This warmer is great for blood circulation in the feet and lower leg. I bought it to keep my feet warm in winter but found out that it works well for heels pain. Very comfortable and life-changing. Highly recommend

  9. T*****y (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    Got these warmers for my father. He really enjoys it and it keeps his feet warm. It’s also easy to use, just plug in and plug out, so my father is happy with it. Thank you.

  10. K*****n (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    This foot warmer really heats nicely to keep my feet warm and cozy. The inside of the foot warmer is big enough to move my feet and toes around! I take it to work and use it under my desk, and it actually helps me be productive the whole day!