Ketone Blood Meter Kit

NZ $75.17


Ketone Blood Meter Kit

NZ $75.17


With this ketone blood meter kit, you’ll know for sure if you’re in ketosis!

Tracking your blood ketone levels is crucial when you’re on a ketogenic diet. Being in a state of ketosis is where most of the benefits of the ketogenic diet are found. If you’re looking for an accurate way to know if your body is in a state of ketosis, a blood meter is by far the most reliable and precise way to measure.

Measuring your blood ketones can provide a quantifiable way to assess your level of adherence and your body’s response to the ketogenic diet. Knowing the difference will determine if you are applying the ketogenic diet correctly or simply eating a low carbohydrate diet. Here are some prevalent reasons you might not be in ketosis:

  • Eating too much protein
  • Unknowingly eating carbs or too many of these
  • Eating too many “keto” treats
  • Not correctly tracking macros

With this ketone blood meter kit, you can track ketones in seconds! The device will seamlessly fit into your daily routine, and you can discreetly test anywhere. The blood ketone monitor will provide you with quick, accurate data (in either mg/dL or mmol/L). It will allow you to analyze how you react to a variety of foods so that you can make intelligent, data-driven decisions.

You can take a minuscule blood sample from your finger and test it in the meter in seconds. Your results will pop up on the large digital display. For your convenience, we included a user guide. Make the ketone blood meter an essential part of your wellness journey!


✔️ ACCURATE BLOOD KETONE READINGS — You can’t rely on the smell of your breath/urine, weight loss, or other subjective factors. Plus, urinalysis sticks or breathalyzer meters can be ineffective and inconvenient to use. The blood ketone meter will help you get consistent, accurate data, imperative on the keto diet.

✔️ EASY TO USE — A tiny 0.7 mmol/L blood sample taken from your fingertip is all that is needed for an accurate reading.

✔️ PAIN-FREE — Our meter requires the smallest amount of blood to produce an accurate result, meaning less pain and mess for you.

✔️ FAST RESULTS — In seconds, you can take a minuscule sample of blood from your finger and test it in the meter.

✔️ MULTI-MONITORING SYSTEM — This device works on advanced biosensor technology and tests multi parameters, including Glucose (GOD), Glucose (GDH-FAD), Uric Acid, and Blood ketone.


The Ketone Blood Meter Kit includes:

  • Meter — Reads the test strips and displays the blood β-ketone concentration. 
  • 30 Test Strips — Strips with a chemical reagent system used with the meter to measure β-ketone concentration in blood. 
  • Lancing device — Used with lancets for blood sample collection.
  • Sterile Lancets — Used with the lancing device to draw a blood sample; they are inserted into the lancing device with each blood draw and discarded after use.
  • Code Chip — Automatically calibrates the meter with the code number when inserted into the meter.
  • High-quality Zippered Clamshell Carrying Case — Provides portability for ketone testing wherever you go.
  • User Guide — Provides detailed instructions on using your ketone meter.
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  1. J***s (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    The item is easy to use and I’m sure it provides a more reliable method of ketone level than a breath meter

  2. D***d (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    The instructions are clear and pretty easy to follow, and I finally feel confident with the results.

  3. K***n (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    Setup was super easy. The strips are accurate. So happy I purchased it! Now I keep my ketone levels on check!

  4. A****a (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    The meter was quick and easy to set up with the user guide. Getting a drop of blood is painless. The nice case for the monitor is well made and includes a zipper compartment to store the ketone strips

  5. L****n (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    The test strips are easy to insert and the device reads quickly and accurately

  6. S****a (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    The meter is very easy to use and the results are accurate. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to test their ketosis levels.

  7. F***a (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    So much easier than the urine strips! Thank you for helping me stay on track!

  8. C******e (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    Results are fast, easy to use and little blood is needed to do the result.

  9. M****a (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    The product is great! Highly recommend for the price

  10. K***s (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    I ordered it so I can finally figure out if I’m in ketosis or not. So far it works perfectly!