Smart Visual Ear Wax Removal Tool

Original price was: NZ $75.00.Current price is: NZ $49.99.


Smart Visual Ear Wax Removal Tool

Original price was: NZ $75.00.Current price is: NZ $49.99.

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Monitor and maintain your ears’ health!

The Ortorex Ear Tool allows checking the condition of the eardrum and canal. It provides deep cleansing in a pain-free and safe way. This, in turn, helps maintain proper hearing and alleviate irritation and other ear problems.

Cerumen removal
Our device uses a super slim lens that can quickly and comfortably reach deep into the ear canal up to the eardrum. Unlike cotton swabs, it does not push the wax forward but gently removes it with the spoon tip. As a result, our tool eases ringing and itchiness caused by cerumen blockage.
Efficient visuals
The Ortorex Smart Tool adopts an HD anti-fog camera that translates the image on your phone. It can magnify up to 20x to provide crystal clear footage of your ear canal.
Proper hearing
An untreated buildup of earwax can lead to hearing impairment. While unblocking the ear canal, our device helps to promote an optimal level of hearing.
Safe to use

The adjustable protective earplugs are small and flexible, preventing accidental injury to the delicate ear canal.


Simply download the app, connect it to the phone via WiFi, and start the procedure.

Versatile applicability

Our tool can also be used for your nose, mouth, throat, and other body parts. Plus, it is suitable for adults, children, and pets.

More reasons to love our tool
Family Oriented
USB Power Supply
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  1. C**a (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    This allows you to easily remove ear wax buildup from the ear canal. It’s very easy to use and connects to your phone via wifi and a app. Amazing price and a must have if you want to make sure your ears stay clean and clear.

  2. K**y (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    I very much loved this! I have an ear infection because I would use cotton swabs to clean my ear but with this i wont have to anymore! I loved it!

  3. J***e (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    I’ve always produced excess earwax and been to the clinic so many times when my ears would clog up because of it. This tool took me about 5 minutes to clear up my ears! Just take your time and be careful! I didn’t go too far into my ears because I get scared, but this worked so well!

  4. D**a (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    The camera is surprisingly high quality! It works!! I avoided the doctor thanks to this

  5. N***a (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    This device is amazing! My ears have never been so clean! Safe usage, great camera, easy to setup! You will not be disappointed!!

  6. P****a (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    Omg I can’t describe the relief after getting a huge earwax blockage out of both ear canals. Took a little getting used to for orientation and movement but this thing is incredible!

  7. B*n (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    I got this to check my ear infection that I got and it really helped to see what was going on. Basic instructions to follow so you don’t damage your ear. Also you can use it to check your tonsils which is great too.

  8. M**e (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    My ear is clogged and ringing. Purchased this tool to see what is inside my ear, it works so easily. Clearly can see all around the inside of my ear. I did see what I thought might be wax and sent the screen to an ear doctor. Great device!

  9. O***a (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    Super happy with this tool! Bought it for my mom. It’s easy to connect to your phone and operate. The quality of the pic is nice. Thank you so much!

  10. A***e (verified buyer)

    New Zealand

    This is very user friendly and helpful to see if there is wax buildup or infection.